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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Unable to Find your Ancestors? Read more... #georgiapioneers #georgiagenealogies #histories

Unable to Find your Ancestors? Peruse the Tax Digests

searchingThey could hide from the census taker, fail to record deeds and marriages, die intestate (without a will), and so on, but they could not hide from the local tax commissioner! It was required for everyone over the age of 21 years to declare their ownership of property. The tax records should be thoroughly examined and followed through each year that the ancestor resided in the county, even unto the section (usually at the end) which listed those who failed to file because this is a clue of some type. Either the person was deceased, or moved away. As one examines the digest from one year to the next, there are usually some changes in circumstances, especially as land is sold or acquired. In Georgia, land lottery grants consisted of 202-1/2 acres. This information provides clues as to when and where they acquired it. Bounty lands from the Revolutionary War consisted of 284-1/2 acres and the War of 1812, 487 acres. Also, land was frequently passed down to the children before death. An example would be that John Smith listed 202-1/2 acres of land in 1850, and in 1851 this land was not listed. One should finger down to other persons of the Smith name to see where it went. This is why the year-to-year examination is so important.  Pulaski County GA Genealogies and Histories

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