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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Digital images of Upson County Georgia Wills

Upson County Court House. Upson County was created from parts of Pike and Crawford counties in 1824. It was named after Stephen Upson, lawyer, legislator. County Seat: Thomaston, Georgia. Upson County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers Index to Upson County Will Book B, 1876-1915). Upson County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1825-1850 Baldwin, Joseph. Barker, John. Bass, Larkin. Blalock, James. Bunkley, Machrine. Clark, Julius. Cobb, Catharine. Collier, Isaac. Colquitt, John. Couper, James. Duke, Stephen. Ellerbee, William Thomas. Gadsden, Quincy. Gardner, Sterling. Garland, Henry, Sr.. Gibson, James. Goode, John. Gresham, John. Gwyn, James. Haldox, Rachel. Hampton, Joseph. Hardy, Sutton. Harrell, Barbary. Head, William. Hightower, John. Holloway, Edward. Holloway, Frances. Holloway, Patrick. Holloway, Peter. Howell, Burwell. Howell, Casper. Ivy, Lydia. Jackson, Isaac. Johnson, Moses. Kelly, Michael, applies for citizenship. Kendall, Henry. Leverett, Thomas. Mann, Nancy. Manning, Susanna. Martin, Anne. McCoy, Henry. McKindly, Joseph. McKindley, Robert. Miller, William. Milling, Thomas. Parker, Samuel. Powell, George. Pulham, Nelson. Raines, John. Respass, Richard. Selman, William. Smith, Carlton. Snipes, William. Steagall, Ivy F. Traylor, John. Turner, John. Verdin, William. Walker, James. Waynman, Deborah. Womble, Enoch. New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Yatesville, 1824 members. Subscribe and view documents

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