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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Digital Images of Dooly County Wills

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Digital Images of Dooly County Wills 1847-1867
Names of Testators: Adams, John Q.;Adams, Leven; Adams, William;Bealle, James;Bealle, William;Bothwell, Davis; Bridges, Joseph;Bridges, William;Brown, Brinkley;Buckelew, James;Bullock, Irwin;Butler, Matthew;Cato, Benjamin;Collins, Henry;Culpepper, Joel;Daniel, Isaac;Daniel, Noah;Fenn, Elizabeth;Fenn, Henry;Gammage, James;Hammond, John;Harvard, Stephen;Higdon, Charles;Hodges, Elbert;Johnson, Solomon; Jones, Donald;Lasseter, Shemuel;Lester, James;Lewis, James; Lock, Joseph;Mayo, Harmon;Olliff, Benjamin;Pipkins, Moses; Powers, John H.;Rea, Elizabeth;Rowell, Oliver;Royal, Hardy; Royal, John C.;Royal, John;Rutland, Blake; Sheppard, Mathew; Smith, John; Staley, Elizabeth Ann; Stephens, Richard;Thompson, E. W.; Truluck, John; Ward, David; Webb, Benjamin; Wood, John; Wright, Henry; Youbanks, Jane 
  • Abstracts of Dooly County Wills 1849-1931.
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Dooly County Annual Returns, Vouchers, Bk 2, 1855-1859.
  • Index to Dooly County Annual Returns, Vouchers, Bk I, 1847-1854.
  • Index to Dooly County Wills, Bk A, 1847-1901.
  • Dooly County Marriages 1847-1852.
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