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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Images of Chatham County Wills 1788-1791

Chatham Will Bk C Digital Images (1788-1791) available to members of Georgia Pioneers
Testators:Beal, Helena Boldon, Robert Sr.; Bryan, Jonathan; Butler, Elizabeth; Butler, Shem; Clarke, Weston; Clyatt, James; Cohen, Philip Jacob; Copp, John; Davis, William; Densler, Henry; Deveaux, William; Elliott, Thomas; Farley, John; Furse, James; Gable, Abraham; Gaffe, Jane; Galache, James;Gibbons, Sarah; Gibson, Robert; Gugel, John; Hallen, Robert; Harden, William;Harn, Samuel;Harris, Mordica; Herb, Frederick;Krutman, Edward;Mann, John;Miller, Robert;Mills, Thomas;Moore, Aaron;Moore, Catherine;Moore, John;Moss, Sarah; Murdock, David;Neilson, Nicholas;Nunes, Moses;Nungazer, George; Oats, John;Ogden, Solomon;Peay, Job;Penman, John;Porcher, Paul; Ross, Donald;Russell, Jane;Savage, Mary Elliott;Shad, Catherine; Spencer, George;Stiles, Benjamin;Tessier, Stephen;Tuft, S.; Warren, Jeremiah;Wiggins, Edmund

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