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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Digital Images of Bryan County Wills

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Records available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Bryan County Wills and Letters of Testamentary(1870-1891): Digital Images

Names of Testators: Arnold, Richard; Banks, Simeon; Brailsford, William;Butler, James;Butler, Jefferson; Davis, John;DeSaussure, Wilmot;Duggan, Hershall;Duggar, Nathaniel; Geiger, David;Grovensteen, Shadrach;Guger, D. H.;Harris, London; Hart, Marshall;Heery, Isaac;Mann, Margret;Pate, W. J.;Phillips, Burrell; Schafer, John; Shuman, Elijah; Shuman, John;Simes, Martha; Smith, Eleanor; Smith, Joshua; Vashee, Isaac

General Index to Bryan County Wills and Estates(1866-1939)

Index to Bryan County Wills (1891-1933)

Index to Bryan County Wills, Book A (1870-1891)

Index to Bryan County Wills, Book B (1891-1933)

Bryan County Marriages 1868-1889

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