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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glascock County Wills

Glascock County Records available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Index to Glascock County Will Bk A 1859-1937.

Index to Glascock County Will Bk B 1932-1966.
Glascock County Wills 1859-1900.

Index to Testators: --
Allen, George W.
Barton, Martha J.
Chalker, Hodge
Cheely, John
Allen, Clark, Richard N.
Dickson, Bynam
Dixon, G. C.
Dixon, Purtiman
Glover, Seaborn
Grizzard, Thomas
Hadden, Thomas H.
Hannah, J. F.
Harden, J. D.
Harris, Henry P.
Harris, Joday
Hart, Samuel
Hattaway, John W.
Hewett, Matthew
Howell, Maberry
Kelley, Allen
Kent, John
Land, John
Landrum, Joel
Logue, Calvin
Logan, William
Newsom, Marian
Newsome, California
Nunn, James M.
Rabun, James
Seals, Henry B.
Thigpen, Hiram
Thompson, Nathaniel
Todd, Eleany
Towner, Walter
Ursy, Peter
Ursy, Peter
Ursy, R. L.
Walden, Richard
Wilcher, Jeremiah
Wilcher, Ruth
Wilcher, Larkin
Williams, James M.

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