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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morgan County, Georgia Wills

Morgan County Records available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Morgan Co. Will Bk A, 1808-1815 (abstracts).

Morgan Co. Will Bk B, 1815-1830 (abstracts).
Index to Morgan County Will Book A, 1808-1815.
Index to Morgan County Will Book B, 1815-1830.
Index to Morgan County Will Book C, 1831-1866.
Index to Morgan County Will Book D, 1858-1899.
Index to Morgan County Estate Miscellaneous Records, 1808-1814.

Morgan County Will Book A, 1808-1815 (Digital Images of the following sills).

Allen, James.
Atkins, George Lee.
Bailey, William.
Banckston, Daniel.
Bryant, Patrick.
Buchanan, Joseph.
Carleton, Henry.
Davis, John.
Davis, Thomas.
Fielder, James.
Hamilton, Robert.
Hanson, Edmund.
Jones, John.
McMurray, William.
Mitchell, William.
Patillo, David.
Snellings, Peter.
Stroud, John.
Whatley, Elizabeth.
Wootan, Jeremiah.

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates (Digital Images).

Dickson. M. Sr., LWT (1888).
Malcom, Gannaway, LWT transcript (1838).
Malcom, James Jr., LWT transcript (1834).
Malcom, James Sr., LWT transcript (1829).
McCoy, Ewell, LWT transcript (1847).
Coy, John, LWT, transcript (1831).
Smith, Charles, LWT (image) (1822).
Walker, Edmond, LWT (image) (1878).

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