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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cobb County Photos

Photographs of some of Cobb County's Earliest Settlers have been added to Cobb County Records. Go to counties/Cobb. This is a unique collection found at the Cobb County Library, Georgian Room.

•Bacon, Olivia
•Barfield, John Ballinger
•Benson, Enoch
•Benson, John
•Benson, Regina
•Benson, Regina Elizabeth Rambo
•Camp, George H.
•Daniell, J. J., Judge
•Dean, E. W., Dr.
•Dodgen, Thomas Benton
•Field, Annie Maxey
•Gann, Gordon B.
•Glore, James Robert
•Glover, John Heyward
•Goodman, Robert McAlpin
•Henderson, Charles
•Hill, Robert Alexander
•Ireland, Calle Gann
•Irwin, Thomas Beverley
•Keeler, George H.
•Latimer, John
•Lindley, James F. P.
•Lyon, Mattie Harris
•Mable, Robert
•McMillan, J. W.
•McWhorter, Mary Ann
•Moon, W. R.
•Rambo, Preston and Sam
•Stokes, Annie
•Tapley, Joel D.
•Tapp, W. J.
•Wallace, Wade Hill
•Watson, Warren Samuel

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