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Friday, November 12, 2010

Digital Images of Rabun, White and Ware County Wills

Georgia's largest website has added digital images of the original last will and testaments for most counties. Georgia has 156 counties and while most of these counties are included, some counties contain abstracts. If you are searching for your ancestors in Georgia, Georgia Pioneers is the place to look

Rabun County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Index to Rabun County Wills 1857-1867.

Index to Rabun County Wills 1863-1888.

Index to Rubun County Wills 1885-1930.

Index to Rabun County Letters of Administration, Guardianships, Wills 1891-1900.

Index to Rebun County Administrators, bonds, guardians, 1869-1912.

Rabun County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

Digital Images of Rabun county Wills 1857-1867

Testators: Allen Gaines, Baley Dover, Daniel Duncan, David Ledford, Drury Wall, D. T. McKinsey, George Wilson, James Dillard, John Jordan, William McCurry and William Owens.

White County Wills and Estates

* Index to White County Will Bk I, 1863-1893.

* Index to White County Will Book 2, 1893-1961.

* Index to White County Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Book 1, 1859-1875.

* Index to White County Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Book 2, 1869-1929.

Digital Images of White County Wills (1863-1893)

Testators: William Allison, Isaac Black, Larkin Brownlow, Alfred Clark, James Colley, Henry Conley, Mordecai Cox, John Craven, Wiley Dean, Green Dodd, Vesta Doe, John Dorsey, Joseph Etries, Emily Field, John Field, Robert Foster, Isaac Fowler, Alexander Freeman, Jeptha Freeman, Rufus Gilstrap, John Glen, Ruth Hunt, William Kinsey, Allison Ledford, Francis Logan, John Logan, Joseph McDowell, William McKinney, Christopher Meaders, Elizabeth Nix, Jonas Nix, Ozilla Norris, Samuel Parker, William Pitchford, Osborn Quillian, James Sears, J. W. Sears, William Sears, Littleton Skelton, Noah Sosebee, Martha Standridge, Samuel Standridge (2), Nathaniel Trotter, Berry Turner, Micager Turner, Berry Vickery, Hannah Williams, Abraham Wofford.

Ware County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

* Index to Ware County Wills, Volume A, 1879-1915.

* Index to Ware County Inventories and Appraisements, Book B, 1896-1946

Digital Images of Ware County Wills (1866-1897)

Testators: Sarah Baker, Mary Blackshear, Manervia Everitt, Thomas Fletcher, Abraham Hargroves, Caroline Hewitt, Rosalie Hohenstein, Sarah Lanier, Lavenia Lee, Daniel Lott, William McDonald, A. P. Minshew, John Murry, William Phillips, Mary Shine, T. T. Thigpen and Thomas Wilson.

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Index to more Georgia County Wills and other records

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