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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heard County Wills

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

* Index to Heard County Wills (1894-1930) Book I.
* Index to Heard County Inventories and Appraisements (1894-1920)

Heard County Wills (1894-1900): digital images

Ashley, Martha; Adams, Kinion; Awtry, Marshall; Brittain, J. H.; Carnes, Sarah; Cline, L. D.; Copeland, Minnie; Daniel, J. H.; Daniel, John; Edwards, Mordecai; Faver, Sanders; Foster, Elizabeth; Glenn, George; Hightower, John; Jackson, Josiah; Johnson, Ruth; Miller, John; Person, Mike; Pulliam, Joseph; Purgason, John; Ridley, Alis; Simms, William; Tompkins, Nicholas; Whitaker, J. J.; Wood, P. H.

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