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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colonial Biographies of Georgians

The following colonial biographies are available to members of Georgia Pioneers Subscribe here

Anderson, David;Anderson, George;Anderson, Hugh;Anderson, James;Anderson, Richard;Anderson, William;Bacon Michael;Baillie George;Baillie James;Baillie George;Baker Benjamin;Baker Elijah;Baker Joseph;Baker Nathaniel;Baker Richard;Baker Thomas, Sr.;Baker William;Bateman William;Bathurst Francis;Camuse Jacque;Camuse Joseph;Carr Mark Christie Thomas;Delegal David; Delegal Philip;Fallowfield; Fitzwalter Joseph; Germain Michael;Graham George;Graham James;Graham John;Graham Mungo;Graham Patrick;Graham William;Harris William;Houstoun Patrick;Jones Cornelius;Jones Frances;Jones John;Jones Lewis;Jones Noble;Jones Thomas;Jones William;Kelly Bryan; Kelly John; Kelly Peter;Kelly Thomas;Lee Rebecca;Lee Thomas Sr. ;Lee William ;MacBean Alexander; MacBean Archibald; MacBean Duncan;MacBean Laughlin; MacBean McWillie Jo; MacBean Will Mackay;Morel Peter;Rodolph Musgrove;Parker Agnes;Parker Elizabeth;Parker James;Parker Robert S.;Parker Sarah;Parker Thomas;Perkins George;Perkins John;Perkins Jonathan;Perkins Samuel;Perkins Thomas;Polhill Nathaniel;Rae James;Pye John;Rae John;Rae Matthew;Rae Robert;Robinson Moses;Robinson Sylvanus; Robinson Thomas;Russell Benjamin;Russell David;Russell Hugh;Russell John;Russell Samuel ;Russell William ;Salter John;Salter Samuel;Salter Thomas;Salter Tolliver;Salter Zadock;Stephens William;Sumner Thomas;Vanderplank John;Watson Charles;Watson Hugh;Watson Joseph; Whitefield George; Young Isaac;Young Thomas;Zouberbuhler Bartholomew

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