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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Austin, Ballard, Carmichael, Collier etc. Families

New Additions to the Folder Collection of

Austin of Muscogee County, Research File, 17 pp.
Ballard of VA, NC, Franklin County, Georgia, Research File, 9 pp.
Carmichael of Jones and Baldwin Counties, Research File, 6 pp.
Collier of DeKalb County, Research File, 27 pp.
Griffin of Emanuel County, Research File, 4 pp.
Henderson of Newton County, Research File, 15 pp.
Kermikle, 1820 GA Census
Redwine included in Ballard Research File, 9 pp.
Sturges of Fayette County
Tolbert of Bartow and Floyd Counties, Research File, 15 pp.
Trout of SC; Carroll, Jackson, Hall Counties, Research File, 11 pp.
Turk of Ireland, VA, SC, GA, Research File, 26 pp.

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