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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Carroll County Wills added to

Carroll County Wills 1852-1900
These images are negative (white writing on black background) for easier viewing

Adams, Absalom
Adams, William
Alford, Jeptha
Allen, Larkin A.
Amory, George Washington
Anthony, Nancy
Ashley, Mary A. F.
Autrey, Jacob
Bailey, William
Barnes, Jethro H.
Barr, Josiah K.
Barrow, James.
Barrow, Thomas J.
Bartlett, H. B.
Baskins, James
Baskins, Thomas W.
Baxter, Eliza .
Beam, Annis
Beck, John .
Bennett, Shadrack
Benson, Eli
Birnabm W, H,
Blackman, James
Bloodworth, David M..
Bloodworth, W. L.
Bonner, John
Bonner, Zaddock
Boon, William R.
Bridges, James
Brock, William T.
Brooks, V. J.
Brown, Samuel
Bryant, John
Bryce, James
Burke, Eugenia
Burke, Eugenia
Burks, William
Burks, William
Burnett, Absalom
Burson, G. W.
Burson, G. W.
Buyers, John
Camp, F. M.
Camp, Wesley
Carnes, Thomas
Carr, A. S.
Carr, John T.
Carson, J. W.
Chambers, William P..
Chance, George W.
Chance, Warren
Chandler, Thomas
Chapman, Deborah S.
Cheaves, Sarah
Cobb, Mary
Cobb, William W.
Cochran, Eli
Cook, B. H.
Cook, James
Cook, Shem
Cook, Thomas
Copeland, William
Cox, Mary
Crockett, Robert
Dimmicks, William
Dobbs, Silas
Dorris, John
Dougherty, Dennis
Driskell, George
Duke, Thomas
Dumony, John
Dyer, John
Edge, M. L.
Embry, Abel B.
Entrekin, Samuel
Faver, B. M.
Foster, William J.
Fowler, Elbert
Garr, R. W.
Garrison, William
Gentry, Elisha
Gilley, Matilda
Golden, Allison
Golden, Caleb
Goodson, Mary
Goss, R. W.
Grice, Larry
Griffin, Charles W.
Griffin, J. V.
Griffin, Thomas W.
Hamilton, John
Hammock, Susan
Hamrick, J. D.
Hamrick, James M.
Hanes, Sherrod H.
Hart, Samuel
Hatiley, John
Helmer, John
Hicks, Green
Hoge, Martha
Holland, Jerusha
Holoway, Solomon
Hutchison, Arthur
Jackson, Ephraim
Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, J. F.
Johnson, Susan J.
Johnson, William F.
Johnson, William
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Orran
Jones, Thomas
Jordan, M. V.
Juhan, D. B.
Juhan, James Johnson
Juhan, Jessie
Keese, John Hamilton
Kenidy, Thomas
King, James
King, Searcy
Kingsberry, Sanford
Kinney, Elizabeth
Laney, Solomon M.
Long, John
Long, Theoliphus
Louderman, Henry
Lyle, Kerby
Mabry, Branch M.
Mabry, Charles
Malone, Jeremiah
Manderville, Appleton
Marlow, Wiley
Martin, E. B.
Martin, Emanuel
Martin, Henry C.
Martin, Nathan
Matthews, Abel
McAllister, James B.
McClure, James
McClure, Samuel
McCollister, Andrew
McCurdy, Robert T.
McGarity, John
McKee, Mary A.
McKee, Richard Wood
McKenzie, J. P.
McMullen, Andrew
McPherson, Frances
McPherson, H. L.
McWhorter, Leroy
Meek, Nancy
Meese, Jesse
Merrill, Henry F.
Mitchell, John B.
Moor, William W.
Moore, Jesse W.
Moore, Lucy Clark
Moore, Robert
Morgan, John D.
Morgan, William
Morris, Joseph
Mostellor, Jonathan
Neal, Stephen H.
O’Neal, William
Owensby, S. J. F.
Pinson, Eli
Pitts, Hilliard W.
Pitts, Sarah
Polson, Jonathan
Pool, T. J.
Pope, James F.
Potts, Sarah
Price, C. C.
Price, Richard C.
Reed, Matthew
Reese, J. C.
Reeves, James
Reeves, Mary
Roberts, James M.
Roberts, Julia M.
Robinson, Andrew J.
Roop, Martin
Rowe, Allen
Ruffin, Richard
Russell, Harris
Scoggiins, James
Scoggins, John H.
Scudder, William
Sharp, Hiram Jr.
Sharp, Hiram Sr.
Smith, B. M.
Smith, John
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Sarah S.
Smith, Wesley
Sprewell, John F.
Staples, John
Stephenson, James M.
Stewart, James
Stewart, John W.
Stewart, William
Stillwell, Safronia Caroline
Stogner, John
Tanner, William
Taylor, James
Taylor, William N.
Thomason, F. M.
Thurmon, Richard
Thurmon, William
Timmons, William
Turner, Hiram
Turner, Horace
Turner, William
Upshaw, Atkin
Upshaw, George M.
Urquhart, William
Veazey, Caleb
Waddell, Alfred
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Larkin
Ward, John L.
Ward, William
Warren, J. V.
Warren, Jesse
Warren, Thomas J.
White, A. F.
Williams, Joel
Williams, Solomon F.
Wilson, Moses
Wood, Jordan
Wood, Richard
Wood, Thomas
Wood, William
Woodall, Jesse
Woodley, James B.
Woods, Joel
Woody, John
Wooley, James
Word, Thomas A.
Wyatt, John J.

Jeannette Holland Austin

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Myrtle said...

I am searching for a James A. Johnson and/or Rachel Chambers Johnson of Cochran, Ga. If they or any family members are still alive and in the area, I would like to contact them for genealogy information. I sent a letter to RFD 2,their last known address, but I guess the post office no longer uses rural route addresses (~~sigh~~)It was in a letter in my deceased in laws memos, dated in 1963, I think, about the family reunion, an annual affair they had.

Thanks to any who can respond.

Virginia Thompson
6228 oakglen Drive
Suffolk, VA 23435


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