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Friday, January 12, 2018

What do you think of the Past #georgiapioneers #genealogy

How do you think of the Past?

barnWhen you cozy up under the covers at night, how do you think of our ancestors? The family is about you in almost every aspect of daily life churning activity, making life bitter and sweet. And as your generation swishes by, amid the clamor and distractions, dodging roadblocks and unexpected challenges, will your experience be one of satisfaction and declared goals accomplished? The roadblocks, though different, were all done before, in other generations, as families struggled through it all. Perhaps the whole experience in this world is but one continuous play, with different characters tackling the issues of each generation. How people in past generations dealt with family issues, hardships and even war is admirable. Admirable, because as they faced reality head-on, a clear path of honesty and patriotism was paved for future generations to resolve its issues and maintain the freedoms for which our ancestors fought. As pioneer families from all over Europe settled opon the American soil, their society was one of doing business with individuals of good character, and everything was built upon that foundation. It is a lesson well taught and a formidable guide to strengthen the backbone of this generation. Our ancestors left us many exciting stories which are worth retelling to our children. So that they will remember. I love visiting old homesites because it provides a vision of the old days. There is something soul-binding of simplier times. Trace your families in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia on 8 genealogy sites 

Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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Friday, January 5, 2018

The Expanding Universe of Genealogy #georgiapioneers

The Expanding Universe of Genealogy 

CahokiaAs more data is unfolded from expanding resources, such as DNA and solor technology which fingerprints the location of ancient villages and burials on the map, it opens up a new vestitude of thought for genealogists. We are beginning to see evidence of large cities of Native Americans and their migrations. I, for one, assumed that the large mounds were burial grounds. Yet, excavations in reveal the site of buildings constructed similar to those in Egypt and South America. Over 200 mounds were found in the Mississippi River area alone. Cahokia, a sophisticated village near East St. Louis in Missouri reveals the remnants of more than a thousand prehistoric houses and the base of an earthen pyramid, which is one of dozens which towered above the original settlement. There are 120 massive pyramids of earth, more than twice the number of any other site. The various Indian cultures appear to be migrations from Europe and the Middle East. The Cherokees, for example, in North Georgia and North Carolina appear to descend from Sephardi Jews who resided in the Iberian Peninsula inn the late 15th century before the Alhambra Decree of 1492 (banishment) by the Catholic monarchs in Spain. Their origin was discovered after DNA samples were taken from various cultures around the world. The Separdi Jews (later Cherokees), it seems, migrated to America about 1600. History did not quite get it right. Discounting the fact that during ancient times, many ships were upon the seas, with scattered unrecorded settlements in Nova Scotia and upon the North America and South American continent, an apparent loss of ship manifests is also a factor in the loss of so many settlements and cultures. We have the History Books' version of one big discovery in 1492, and that ended the discussion for a long while. But genealogists know that an untold number of migrations occcurred and that the records only scan the surface. Trace your families in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia on 8 genealogy sites 

Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Laurens Co. GA Genealogy Records and Histories #georgiapioneers #georgiagenealogy

Laurens County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages

Dublin, Georgia

Laurens County was created in 1807 from an Act of the General Assembly and was named for Laurens of Revolutionary fame, a native of South Carolina of Huguenot ancestry, an aide to General Washington. The first county seat was Sumpterville, later Dublin. The first grand jururs were: Benjamin Adams, Benjamin Brown, William Boykin, Robert Daniel, Joseph Denson, Benjamin Dorsey, Simon Fowler, Henry Fulgham, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Leonard Green, Edward Hagan, Andrew Hampton, Charles Higdon, Mark May, Gideon Mays, George Martin, William McCall, Charles Stringer, John Speight, James Sartin, Jesse Stephens, Samuel Stanley, Samuel Sparks, George Tarvin, Joseph Vickers, Jesse Wigins, Nathan Weaver, David Watson, Joseph Yarbrough. Research Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties.

Laurens County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Images of Laurens County Wills 1809-1840 

Testators: Albritton, Averilla
Allen, Bryant
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Rachel
Anderson, Henry
Askew, Frederick
Bacon, Jonathan
Barlow, Mary
Beaty, Mary
Beddiingfield, Solomon
Blackshear, Elijah
Blackshear, Joseph
Carey, Jesse
Coates, John
Coats, Robert
Coleman, Theophilis
Collier, John
Collier, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Culpepper, Sampson
Daniel, Benjamin
Daniel, Lucretia
Darsey, Benjamin
Duncan, Ellis
Duncan, Thomas
Farmer, Thomas
Fullwood, John
Gibbons, Ann
Goodman, Henry
Hampton, Andrew
Hester, Rebecca
Hollinsworth, George
Holly, Jonathan
Hudson, John
Joiner, Burwell
Joiner, Jesse
Jones, Adam
Jones, Jonathan
Kirkland, Samuel
Lily, Edward
Livingston, John
Livingston, Joseph
Long, Nicholas
McBane, John
McCall, Elizabeth Mary Ann
McCormick, Elizabeth
Maddux, Alexander
Manning, Willaby
Mannon, John
Montford, Thomas
Moore, Sinthy
O'Neal, William
Oliver, William
Oliver, William (2)
Payne, George
Philips, Gabriel
Philips, Mark
Pope, Fleet
Pullen, Thomas
Ramsey, Benjamin
Roberts, Frederick
Rowland, John
Royals, Sophiah
Smith, Bennet
Smith, Isham
Solomon, Willis
Sparks, Samuel
Spear, David
Spivey, Gideon
Spivey, Jethro
Steward, John
Todd, John
Usery, Elizabeth
Weaver, Jethro
Whitehead, Reason
Whitehead, William
Woodward, Young
Young, Oren
  • Index to Laurens County Wills, Vol. I, 1809-1840.
  • Index to Laurens County Wills, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Anderson, Henry, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Dixon, George, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Bennet, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Isham, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Smith, Mourning, LWT, Vol. 2, 1840-1868.
  • Laurens County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886. 

  • Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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    Friday, December 22, 2017

    Lee Co. GA Genealogy Records and Histories #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

    Lee County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

    Lee County

    Lee County was created by an act of the Georgia General Assembly on December 11, 1826 and included the territory acquired from the Creek Indians lying between the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers, immediately above the old line of Early County and known as the first section, shall form one county to be called Lee. Originally, Lee County comprised the subsequently created counties of Quitman, Randolph, Stewart, Sumter, Terrell and Webster, parts of Schley, Chattahoochee, Macon, Clay, and Marion. The 1827 land lottery distributed lands in Lee County, but recipients are to be found in any of the above counties because Lee was so large a territory. The first settlers to Lee County goes to the heart of lands offered in the land lotteries after the evacuation of the Lower Creek Indians. Although many families drew this land, not all of them chose to venture into South Georgia and build a homestead. 

    Lee County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

    Lee County Wills
    • Wills 1854-1858 (abstracts).
    Images of Lee County Wills 1854 to 1891 

    Testators: Adams, William; Avera, Thomas; Anderson, Jane; Barnes, William Williamson; Batts, John; Batts, Julia; Bothwell, William; Butts or Batts, Ann ;Chapman, Fannie ;Cocke, J. P.; Duncan, A. B. ;Fletcher, Indiana, Mrs. ;Forrester, Elizabeth ; Gardner, Nancy; Gray, Sarah; Green, Ellen; Green, Mary ;Hayslip, Jonas; Heisler, Elbert ;Hondlett, Warren ;Hooks, Hardy ;Howard, Sarah; Johnson, Enoch ;Johnson, Thomas ;Jordan, Joseph; Ladd, Robert; Laramore, James ;Larimore, M. E., Mrs. ;Liggins, E. W. ;Lindsey, Fannie ;Lindsey, Vashti ;McAfee, William ;McKenzie, Henry ;McKenzie, Henry (2) ;Mercer, Joel ;Mercer, John ;Miller, Julia ;Norton, John Wesley; O'Driscol, Dennis ; Page, Solomon ;Ramsey, Benjamin ;Richardson, William ;Sadler, William; Sanders, M. D. ;Sikes, Darling ;Smith, John B. Smith, Mathew; Sneed, Dudley; Tison, Eason; Tison, Moses; Walters, Jack; Wells, William; Whitaker, Hudson ;Williams, Charles ;Woolbright, Ardilla, Mrs.; Woolbright, John ; Young, John 

    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Wills, Vol A, 1854-1955.
    • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Inventories, Sales 1852 to 1859.
    • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Inventories, Sales 1858 to 1863.

    Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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    Friday, December 15, 2017

    Liberty Co. GA Genealogy Records and Histories #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

    Liberty County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Cemeteries, Maps

    Hinesville, GeorgiaMany colonials who settled in Savannah also owned large rice plantations in Liberty County. Also, after General Oglethorpe removed the regiment to England in 1744, residents of Frederica began moving into Liberty. Liberty County, located in the southeastern portion of the state on the Georgia coast, was one of the seven Georgia counties created from the original colonial parishes on February 5, 1777. The Guale Indians inhabited that area from prehistoric times, and in the eighteenth century the tribe became a part of the Muskogee or Creek Confederation. The Spanish placed a mission on St. Catherines Island in the late sixteenth century among the Guale Indians. After General Oglethorpe left St. Simons Island, some of the settlers to Frederica removed into Liberty County, settling on large tracts of land grants. In 1752 after the Charter was surrendered, land was opened up to large parties and congregations for settlement. A group of Puritans from Dorchester, South Carolina (originally from Dorchester, Massachusetts) took up large land grants and developed communities such as Midway and Sunbury, a thriving Colonial port. In 1777, Liberty County was officially created. 

    Liberty County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

    • Map of Liberty County.
    • Midway Cemetery, a List of all burials.
    • Images of Liberty County 1870 Residents, Physical Descriptions of Persons
    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Estate Index 1784-1791 (Digital Image).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames A (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames B (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames C (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames D (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames E (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames F (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames G (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames H (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames J(Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames K (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames L (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames M (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames N (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames O (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames P (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames Q (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames R (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames S (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames T (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames V (Digital Images).
    • Estates 1784-1791, Surnames W (Digital Images).
    • Index to Wills and Appraisements,Book A, 1789-1823.
    • Index to Wills and Appraisements, Bk B, 1824-1850.
    • Index to Liberty Wills and Appraisements, Bk C, 1863-1873.
    • Index to Wills 1863-1942.
    • Abstracts of Wills 1772-1887
    Digital Images of Wills 1779 to 1823, Book A 

    Testators: Austin, Henry;Austin, Sarah Ann;Bacon, Martha;Bacon, Thomas; Baker, Artemas;Baker, Benjamin;Baker, Elijah;Baker, John Ichabod; Baker, Nathaniel;Baker, Susanna;Baker, Thomas, Jr.; Baker, William; Ball, Edward;Bennet, Elizabeth;Bell, William F.;Bennett, Hugh; Bennett, Rebecca;Bon, Richard;Brown, Francis;Brown, Mary;Burnby, Samuel;Burnley, Thomas;Butler, Shadrach;Cantey, James;Carter, Hepworth; Carter, James;Carter, Martha;Christopher, Spencer;Cochran, James; Cole, James A.;Cooper, Richard;Crews, Isham;Cubbedge, Ann;Cuthbert, Alexander;Cuthbert, Isaac;Douse, Gideon;Dunham, Margaret;Elliott, Daniel Robert;Feaster, Catharine;Fickling, Elizabeth;Fleming, William; Foster, John;Fraser, John E.;Fraser, Mary Ann;Fraser, Simon;Fraser, William;Girardeau, Ann;Girardeau, John Bohun;Girardeau, Rebecca; Girardeau, Sarah;Goulding, Thomas;Graham, James;Graham, William; Graves, John;Greene, Samuel T.;Harrell, Isaac;Hastings, Archibald; Hastings, Catherine;Hay, M.;Hext, John;Hinson, Clayborn;Jeffries, Nancy;Jones, Samuel;Jones, Susannah H.;King, Thomas;Ladson, Margaret; Lambert, John;Lambright, John;Lambright, Margaret;Lanchester, Thomas; Law, Mary E.;Lawson, John, Sr.;Lewis, Elijah;Lewis, Joseph;Lines, Samuel;Lockerman, Persiana;Lowe, John;Mallard, Lazarus;Mallard, Sarah; Mansell, Josiah;Martin, Alexander;Martin, Martin;Maxwell, Sarah; McCollough, Hugh;McCollough, James;McLair, Lewis;Munroe, Elizabeth; Myers, Daniel;Norman, Ann;Osgood, John;Osgood, Josiah;Peacock, John; Porter, A.;Powell, Elizabeth;Powell, James;Quarterman, Joseph;Quarterman, Rebecca;Quarterman, Richard;Quarterman, Thomas; Robarts, ThomasSallett, Robert;Salters, Samuel;Sapelo, Elias; Sandifer, William Case;Schmidt, Egideas Henry;Shave, Richard; Shepard, Edward;Shepard, Mary;Shepard, Thomas;Simpson, James; Singleton, Thomas;Smith, James;Spalding, John; Spears, John; Spencer, Rebecca;Spencer, Samuel;Stevens, Joseph;Stevens, Thomas; Stone, Elizabeth;Sumner, Edward;Walker, Charles;Walker, Joel; Way, Ann;Way, Susannah;Way, William;Webb, John;Wilkins, Hampden; Winn, Joseph;Winn, Sarah;Wood, John;Wood, Joseph;Woodward, William 

    Digital Images of Estates 1823 to 1829

    Testators: Bacon, Thomas F.; Elden, James; Hughes, Elizabeth; Lambright, James; Ross, Fannie; Winn, Peter 

    Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1789 to 1823

    Testators:Austin, Isaiah Bacon, Martha, Baker, Artemus, Baker, John, Baker, Nathaniel, Baker, Susanna, Baker, Thomas, Baker, William, Ball, Edward, Bennet, Rebecca, Bennett, Elizabeth, Bennett, Hugh, Box, Richard, Brown, Francis, Bunnley, Samuel, Cantey, James, Carter, James, Cole, James, Cooper, Richard , Crews, Isham, Cuthbert, Daniel, Dollar, John, Dowse, Gideon, Dunham, Margaret ,Fickling, Elizabeth, Foster, John, Girardeau, John, Graves, John, Hastings, Archibald, Hext, John, Jeffries, Nancy, King, Thomas, Lambert, John, Lanchaster, Thomas , Law, Mary, Lawson, John ,Lewis, Elijah , Limbough, John,Lines, Samuel, Lockerman, Persiana, Mallard, Elizabeth, Maxwell, Isaiah, Mill, John, Minson, Clayton, Myers, Daniel, Newman, Ann, Osgood, John, Osgood, Josiah, Planter, William, Porter, A., Powell, Elizabeth, Quarterman, Joseph, Quarterman, Rebecca , Quarterman, Thomas, Quarterman, William, Robart, John, Sallers, Samuel , Sallett, Robert , Schmidt, Henry, Shepard, Mary , Shepard, Thomas , Simpson, Jerome, Singleton, Thomas , Spears, John , Stevens, Joseph, Stevens, Thomas, Summer, Edward , Summer, Thomas , Van Youesck, Wendell , Walker, Charles , Walker, Joel , Way, Ann , Winn, Isaiah , Winn, Joseph ,Wood, John, Wood, Joseph ,Woodward, William 

    Digital Images of Unbound Wills and Estates 1824 to 1833. Note: This will book has no index and this is the first indexed record

    Testators:Anderson, William, estate; Austin, Henry, estate; Austin, Joseph; Axson, Sam, et al ;Bacon, Francis F., estate ; Bacon, Joseph ; Bacon, Thomas F. ; Bacon, Thomas W.; Baker, Richard Jr. ; Baker, Thomas Jr., estate ; Baker, William, estate; Bennett, Matthew, estate; Bradford, Ann, estate ; Bradford, John ; Butler, Henry N.; Butler, Shem, orphans of ; Campbell, John ; Carter, Phebe; DeLoach, Hardy ; Dregnors, John M. ; Elders, James, estate ; Elliott, John, estate ; Footman, Richard ; Foster, William; Fraser, Donald; Goulding, Palmer, estate ; Gowen, John W. ; Hargroves, Joseph ; Holmes, James, estate; Hughes, Elizabeth ; Laing, Robert ; Law, Benjamin ; Law, Joseph ; Lewis, Drusilla; Lewis orphans et al ; Lewis, Samuel; Limbright, James; Mall, William T. ; Mallard, Amarintha, orphan et al ; Maxwell, James A., estate ; McConnell, Robert C. ; Mell, Benjamin, Sr. ; Mills, Mary Ann ; Mills, Mary Jane, estate; Norman, Joseph; Norman, William, estate ; Osgood, William; Ross, Francis, estate ; Screven, John Odinsells ; Smith, John W., estate ; Smith, William Jr. (bond), guardian of John Madison Smith, orphan of John W. Smith, deceased ; Stacy, James ; Stacy, James, et al ; Stewart, Daniel (General) ; Stewart, Sarah ; Stewart orphans ; Taliaferro, Lydia ; Tanner, William ; Walthour, Andrew, estate; Walthour, Elizabeth ; Ward, William ; Way, John ; Webb, Thomas J., estate ; Wilkins, Mary ; Wilson, Josiah ; Wilson guardians ; Wilson orphans ; Winn, Peter 

    Unbound Wills and Estates 1834 to 1856. Note: This will book has no index and this is the first indexed record

    Testators: Andrews, Micajah, Ashmore, John, Austin, Mary, Bacon, Augustus O., Bacon, Thomas , Baker, Edmund, Baker, Elijah, Bacon, Jonathan, Broughton, John C., Butler, Henry, Currie, John, Hart, C. T., Hendley, Sarah , Hendry, Ann , Hendry, Robert , Hines, Lewis, Howard, Christian , Jones, Joseph , Jones, Mary , Jones, Samuel, Ladson, Mary Ann, Lanford, Joshua, Lanford, Susannah, Law, Joseph, Law, Sanuel S. , Lee, Elizabeth, Lines, Dorcas, Mallard, Elizabeth Quarterman, Martin, John, Martin, Lanetta , Maxwell, Audley, Maybank, Andrew, McGowen, Joseph, McDonald, Randle, orphan , McGowen, Sarah, Mell, Elizabeth , Mell, John S. , Mell, John S., estate, Miller, James B. , Miller, John, Moody, James Sr. , Morgan, Levender , Nelmes, Elizabeth, Osgood, Rebecca, Parker, Solomon, Powers, Anne , Quarterman, Elizabeth, Quarterman, John L. , Quarterman, Robert, Quarterman, Sarah, Russell, Mary, Screven, Charles O., Smith, William Jr., guardian of John Madison Smith, Stevens, Mary , Way, Moses W. , Wilkins, Paul Hamilton , Wilson, Josiah, estate , Winn, Ann , Woods, orphans 

    Miscellaneous Wills, deeds and estates (transcripts and digital images)

    Edward Ball, John Goulding, Thomas King, General Washington Smith deeds to Henry Strum, White, William Smith deed to Brown, Dunwoody, William Smith deed to William Dyess Jr., Baxter Smith deed to Matthews. 

    Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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    Friday, December 8, 2017

    Lincoln Co. GA Genealogy Records #georgiapioneers #georgiagenealogy

    Lincoln County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Maps, Land Warrants

    Lake Thurmond

    Lincoln and Wilkes Counties go together as places to search for ancestors. The boundaries of old Wilkes County should be examined to determine if any of that land fell into Lincoln County, paying attention to the creeks mentioned in the deeds of both counties. Lincoln County was created from Wilkes County on February 20, 1796 by an Act of the General Assembly and was named for General Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810) of Revolutionary War fame. Lincoln was in charge of the Continental Army's Southern Department and later became President George Washington's first Secretary of War. 

    Maps were scanned in such a manner as to provide details for locating creeks, branches, rivers, lakes, churches, schools and cemeteries. This will enable you to better locate the old homeplace using the description from old non-specific deeds. Also, a convenience in locating both private and public cemeteries in the area. Lincoln and Wilkes County records should be searched together. 

    Lincoln County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

    Will Abstracts
    • Wills 1796-1807.
    • Wills 1800-1806.
    • Wills 1807-1832.
    Images of Lincoln County Wills 1796 to 1800 

    Testators: Ayers, William; Bussey, Hezekiah; Cameron, Alexander; Clark, Elijah; Edger, Hugh; Glaze, Thomas; Graves, James; Gron, Jared; Hammock, Samuel ;Harris, James ;Hester, James ;Hunter, Job ;Jeter, Oliver ;Johnston, Alexander; Jones, William ;Leverett, Robert; Loftin, Daniel;Matthews, Moses ;McCord, John ;McKinney, Travis ;Owens, Thomas ;Ratliff, Robert; Spinks, John ;Spires, Zachariah ;Steel, John ;Stovall, John ;Sudduth, John ;Walker, John ;Wallace, William ;Ware, Henry ;Warren, Lott ;Webb, Leonard ; West, Andrew ;West, Henry 

    Images of Lincoln County Wills 1800 to 1832

    Testators: Ansley, William; Ashley, Stephen; Aycock, Richard; Ayner (or Aynes), William; Bennett, Jacob; Bentley, Balsam; Bohannon, Duncan; Bostie, Wade; Branch, Thomas; Bussey, Thoma;s Clark, Elijah; Clarke, Edward; Covington, William; Curry, Thomas; Dooly, John Mitchell; Dowsing, William Sr. ; Evans, William ;Flourance, Jenny; Flourance, John; Frazer, Samuel; Gartrell, Francis ;Gillum, Peter ;Grey, James; Grinage, Joshua; Groce, Sheppard; Hardy, Jesse Sr.; Hardy, Sarah; Harrington, Drury; Haws, Bennett; Haws, Spencer; Haws, Isaac ;Hemphill, Thomas ;Hughes, Fielding; Huguley, George; Jones, Henry; Jones, William ;Landers, Elizabeth ;Langston, Sarah; Loftin, Elijah; Lyon, Edmund ;Lyon, Thomas ;McKinney, Travers;Moncrief, Austin; Moseley, William ;Moss, Charity; Nolan, William Sr. ;Owens, Thomas ;Paradose, William; Phipps, Joseph; Price, John; Reynolds, William; Roberts, Arthur ;Russell, Clarion; Russell, James; Samuel, Edmund; Scale, Robert; Sharp, John; Sims, Leonard; Spinks, John; Spires, Martha; Spires, William Q. ;Statham, William ;Stewart, Sarah; Stinson, Alexander; Stokes, Lucretia ;Stokes, Richard Henry ;Stokes, William Sr.; Stovall, Lewis; Suddith, Elijah ;Trammell, Thomas Sr.; Turman, John ;Walker, Lankford ;Wallace, Thomas; Walton, John H. ;Walton, Newell Sr.; West, Andrew ;Willson, Sarah ;Withers, Samuel ;Wright, John ;Wright, Susan ;Wright, William; Zellars, Jacob; Zellner, George ;Zellner, George Sr. 

    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Index to Will Book B, 1796-1808.
    • Index to Annual Returns, Vouchers, Sales, 1827-1847
    • Index to Will Book E, 1833-1877.
    Land Warrants
    • Images of warrants 1796 to 1847
    • Marriages 1806 to 1850.
    • Map of Lincoln County
    Miscellaneous Records
    • Elliott, Thomas (will)

    Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Lowndes Co. GA Genealogy Records and Histories #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

    Lowndes County Wills, Estates, Marriages

    Lowndes County

    The first court house was a log structure built in Franklinville in 1828. When Lowndesville was named county seat in 1833, the wooden courthouse was moved from Franklinville. The next year, a new courthouse was built in Lowndesville, which in 1837 was renamed Troupville. A new court house was built in Lowndes in 1842 which burned in 1858. After that, the county seat was removed to Valdosta and another court house was built, which burned in 1869. 

    Lowndes County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

    • Index to Lowndes County Marriages 1870-1892
    • Index to Lowndes County Marriages 1879-1890
    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Index to Lowndes County Will Book A, 1871-1915.
    • Index to Inventories and Appraisements 1870-1893
    • Index to Inventories and Appraisements 1893-1914
    Digital Images of Lowndes County Wills 1871-1901 

    Testators: Ashby, D. Burroughs | Ashley, Juliett M. | Back, William Melhuish | Barfield, Frederick | Barfield, Lafayette, General | Barnes, John D. | Basher, James A. | Bass, Bass, Mary Ann | Blanton, Edmond | Brinson, Sarah E. | Campbell, Maggie E., Mrs. | Coon, Isaac S., Dr. | Creech, T. P. | Drawdy, Levi | Fox, Thomas | Fry, W. E. | Harp, Warren J. | Jones, Allen | Jones, Mitchell | Lane, Benjamin | Lane, A. H. | Marshall, Matthew | Matthews, Jane (Mrs.) | McLeod, Daniel | McLeod, Archibald | Moore, Allen | Moore, Henry E. | Morgan, Mary Ann | Morris, George W. | Pembleton, Esther | Ray, W. A. | Sims, William A. | Slash, Underhill | Slaten, C. E. A. (Mrs.) | Smith, Owen | Stapler, John R. | Strickland, Charles | Swilly, Franklin | Waldhauer, Israel T. | Waldhauer, John C. | Wayman, Charlotte | Williams, Elizabeth A. | Young, Remer | Young, Roxey A. (Mrs.) 

    Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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    Friday, November 24, 2017

    Lorenzo Dow Smith of Lumpkin Co. GA #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

    Lorenzo Dow Smith 

    An old book written in 1849 by Charles Lanham contains an interesting letter from Lorenzo Dow Smith while in the Alleghany Mountains. "I was born in Vermont; I came into this Southern country twenty-four years ago as a clock peddler, where I drove a good business. I used to spend my summers among the mountains of the Cherokee country, partly for the purpose of keeping away from the fever, and partly with a view of living over again the days of my boyhood, which were spent among the Green Mountains. I made some money, and when the gold fever commenced I took it and went to speculating in gold lots, though I spent many years without finding lots of gold. I associated with bear hunters, and explored every corner and stream of this great mountain land, away to the north, and have seen more glorious scenery than any other live man. I am forty years old, unmarried, love good liquor, and go in for having fun. About four years ago, it came into my thinking mug that there must be plenty of gold in the bed of Coosa creek, which runs into Coosa river. I traded for a lot there, and went to work. I found a deposit, gave up work, and went to leasing small sections, which are now worked by a good many men, and give me a decent living. I have had all sorts of luck in my day; good luck and bad luck. When I am prosperous I always hope to be more prosperous still, and when I have bad luck, I always wish for worse luck; if it will only come. I never allow myself to be disappointed. The longer I live the more anxious am I to do some good to my fellow men. I havee passed the blossom of my life, and I do not expect to live many years longer; I have not lived as I ought to have lived, but I hope it will be well with me when I come to take my final sleep. But enough. I am going out to my mine on a visit tomorrow, and if you all go with me, I will show you some real Vermont trout, and mountain peaks which would shame the camel hump of old Yankee land." Source: Letters of the Alleghany Mountains by Charles Lanman (1849).

    Tons of Genealogy Records to Help you Find your Georgia Ancestors

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