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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Images of Upson Co. GA Wills

Digital Images of Upson County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1825-1850
  • Baldwin, Joseph.
  • Barker, John.
  • Bass, Larkin.
  • Blalock, James.
  • Bunkley, Machrine.
  • Clark, Julius.
  • Cobb, Catharine.
  • Collier, Isaac.
  • Colquitt, John.
  • Couper, James.
  • Duke, Stephen.
  • Ellerbee, William Thomas.
  • Gadsden, Quincy.
  • Gardner, Sterling.
  • Garland, Henry, Sr.
  • Gibson, James.
  • Goode, John.
  • Gresham, John.
  • Gwyn, James.
  • Haldox, Rachel.
  • Hampton, Joseph.
  • Hardy, Sutton.
  • Harrell, Barbary.
  • Head, William.
  • Hightower, John.
  • Holloway, Edward.
  • Holloway, Frances.
  • Holloway, Patrick.
  • Holloway, Peter.
  • Howell, Burwell.
  • Howell, Casper.
  • Ivy, Lydia.
  • Jackson, Isaac.
  • Johnson, Moses.
  • Kelly, Michael, applies for citizenship.
  • Kendall, Henry.
  • Leverett, Thomas.
  • Mann, Nancy.
  • Manning, Susanna.
  • Martin, Anne.
  • McCoy, Henry.
  • McKindly, Joseph.
  • McKindley, Robert.
  • Miller, William.
  • Milling, Thomas.
  • Parker, Samuel.
  • Powell, George.
  • Pulham, Nelson.
  • Raines, John.
  • Respass, Richard.
  • Selman, William.
  • Smith, Carlton.
  • Snipes, William.
  • Steagall, Ivy F.
  • Traylor, John.
  • Turner, John.
  • Verdin, William.
  • Walker, James.
  • Waynman, Deborah.
  • Womble, Enoch.
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